Advice & Tips


Here's some more handy hints and tips to help you maximise your time in the boardroom and out.

Basic Planning Tips

  • Determine date(s) and time of the meeting(s).
  • Decide on destination.
  • Is accommodation required? If yes how many?
  • Will food & beverages be required?
  • Type of audio visual required?
  • Determine the total budget spend
    • Accommodation
    • Meeting Space
    • Food & Beverage
    • Audio Visual
    • Travel / flights
  • If the meeting is for more than one day, determine the daily schedule.
  • Do you require a Web Booking Link?


  • How many rooms will be required each night of the meeting?
  • What is the breakdown number of singles / doubles and villas? Ask us about the different room types we have to offer.
  • How many people will occupy each room?
  • What is the budgeted accommodation rate?
  • Are connecting rooms required?
  • Determine who / how the accommodations reservations will be made.
  • Do all rooms need to be on the same floor or wing / near each other?
  • Check with the hotel when the final rooming list will be required.

Meeting Space

  • Determine the number of people attending each day.
  • Determine the appropriate meeting room size by viewing the capacity chart.
  • Are the start and end times the same each day?
  • Are off site areas / activities required?
  • Is natural light a priority in meeting rooms?
  • Outline your audio visual requirements based on your agenda and speakers.
  • What type of meeting packages does the hotel offer?
  • Does the meeting package rates include 24 our access?
  • Is a phone or speaker needed? Is there a charge for phone conference dialing?
  • Is internet service required? How many ports are required and what is the cost?

Food and Beverage

  • Determine number of guests to be served at the meeting and at what times.
  • Determine menu and beverage choices.
  • Do guests have special dietary requirements – please advise property.
  • Where will morning and afternoon teas be served?
  • Will coffee and/or water be required throughout the meeting?
  • Determine food and beverages service charges.

Billing and Payment

  • Who is responsible for the payment of guest rooms and the meeting room?
  • How will incidentals (phone / room charges) be handled?
  • How will final payment be made, Direct deposit / Credit card?
  • Who will be authorised to make changes for the meeting that would involve extra charges from the property?
  • Is an advanced deposit required? If so is there a payment schedule?
  • Do you need to set up a master account with the property If so, what charges will be added and who is authorised to make those charges?

Additional Tips

  • Is there adequate parking for those guests driving, is there a cost?
  • Is transportation available to and from the airport / Is there a schedule or will you need to make reservations / Is there a charge?
  • Let the property know if there are any special needs for accommodation, public areas or meeting rooms.
  • Ensure the property is aware of the delivery and collection of goods by outside contractors.
  • What business services are provided by the property, and what are the charges?
  • Make sure you check out all the things to do on Fraser before or after the meeting.